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Aarka Hospitals has a reputation for being the best super specialty hospital in Kurnool, treating patients with a wide range of medical needs. 24×7 all medical and surgical needs are available.

Our dedicated medical specialists are here to give you the care you require. Our primary priorities are your health and well-being. Allow us to accompany you on your medical journey.

Aarka hospitals typically have world-class hospitals attempting to provide comprehensive and specialized healthcare services across multiple medical disciplines

Our hospital is proud to have a team of highly skilled and experienced physicians. Our doctors have extensive training and knowledge in their fields of specialization.

Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals is available around the clock to provide prompt and compassionate emergency care. Whether you’re facing a medical crisis or a sudden injury.


Meet our experienced team of doctors from various medical and surgical departments and make an appointment to meet with one.

Dr. Trinath Tummepalli


General Surgeon &
Laparoscopic Surgeon

Dr. Patil Amala Reddy

M.D, M.R.C.P (SCE) Rheumatology

General Physician &

Dr. B. Surendra Babu

MD., DM(Neurology)

Neuro Physician

Dr. Kanamarlapudi Manoj

Cheif Joint Replacement, Sports Medicine & Complex Trauma Specialist

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

super specialty hospitals in kurnool


Aarka Hospital includes medical sections for each condition and health problem, encouraging better health by providing the best doctors and services available.

neurology-Aarka Hospitals

The best neurology hospital in Kurnool is Aarka Hospitals, an integrated center with a devoted and highly qualified team of neurologists and neurosurgeons.


Our team of top neurosurgeons is trained in the latest surgical techniques and technologies and is committed to delivering personalized care.

spine surgery- aarka hospitals

Our team leading provider of spine surgery services. Our team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons is dedicated to helping patients.

orthopedic - AARKA HOSPITALS

We specialize in joint replacement surgery. Our team of experienced orthopedic surgeons and medical staff are dedicated to providing you .

Laparopscopy - aarka hospitals

We have the best laparoscopic surgeon in Kurnool. Our professional surgeons are committed to providing our patients with the best possible care.


Our best rheumatologist doctors in Kurnool are ready to help you on your path to greater health and pain relief. From arthritis diagnosis and treatment to autoimmune disease management,

Accident-care- aarka hospitals
Accident trauma care

Accident Trauma Care Hospitals in Kurnool treat severely ill patients. Expert teams, innovative technology, and compassion work together to provide fast and effective care.

Critical-care- aarka hospitals
Critical care

A critical care center is a subspecialty of medicine that focuses on delivering comprehensive and intensive care to patients suffering from life-threatening illnesses.

plastic surgery- aarka hospitals
plastic surgery

Aarka Hospital, the best plastic surgery hospital in Kurnool, is concerned with the restoration, reconstruction, or alteration of a person's physical appearance. This covers procedures such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, and liposculpture.

Gastro &Liver-care - aarka hospitals

Aarka Hospitals is one of the best gastro- and liver-care hospitals in Kurnool. They prioritize patient care in a supportive environment and have state-of-the-art operating suites and advanced ICUs.

Gynaecology And Obstetrics

Aarka Hospitals is the Best gynecology Hospitals in Kurnool and treat a wide range of medical disorders that only affect women.

Kidney care- aarka hospitals

Aarka Hospitals is your destination for comprehensive kidney care, offering advanced examinations and treatments for patients of all ages along with world-class expertise in various medical services.

aarka hospitals


The mission of Aarka Hospital is to provide quality health care and amenities to the community, to promote wellbeing, and to alleviate suffering.

Emergency Care

super specialty hospitals in kurnool

Aarka Hospitals provides urgent care to patients suffering from serious illnesses, catastrophic injuries, or other medical emergencies.

Expert Diagnostics

super specialty hospitals in kurnool

A team of professional pathologists, microbiologists, biochemists, and radiologists manage the diagnostic services, which are assisted by a team of qualified technicians.

Superb Rehabilitation

super specialty hospitals in kurnool

Aarka Hospitals is a fantastic rehabilitation facility with skilled physiotherapists, nursing personnel, and doctors to help our patients achieve their goals.

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super specialty hospitals in kurnool


We love it when our patients are inspired to write about their experiences at AARKA HOSPITALS! Here are a few of the lovely remarks we’ve lately received.

“Doctor T. Trinath performed a laparoscopic surgery on my mother for many fibroids, and he assured us and gave us confidence. My mother was in a lot of pain for the first three days after surgery, but she is fine and joyful now. It was done at Aarka Hospital. The hospital grounds are quite clean, and the personnel are very polite. The OT nurse, Mr. Ramu, was really helpful. I believe that this hospital is one of the best in Kurnool for the majority of treatments.

Ravi Kumar

“Aarka Hospital is well-kept. Dr. Amala Reddy and Dr. Patil handled my granddad; she explained everything in detail and provided excellent care. All of the duty doctors and nurses are excellent. Overall, the hospital is well organized and provides high-priority treatment.”

Moulana Hussain

“Patient Name Kadhrun,
Treatment is excellent here. Dr. Amala madam’s treatment is excellent. Caring is nice aaya, sis Anuradha, sis Radha, sis Sunitha, sis Saritha, security collaboration was good, keep it up.
Thank you very much, Aarka Hospitals.”

Haneef Tadipa

“Patient Name Dargaiha
Aarkaa hospital is very good responsibility of all staff members are very good
Dr. Trinath sir taking care of my father and approaching patient so good Cleaning of hospital is very nice ICU staff members and ward staff members are very intently taking care of my father.

We will always be grateful to Aarka Hospital.

Subbu Babu

“Maintenance was excellent, staff is friendly, Dr. Swetha Reddy Madam Garu was excellent time to time check up over all it is not a hospital, it is a home.” Thank you very much, AARKA Hospitals.”


“Patient Name S. Afreen
Cleanliness, Doctors treatment/ advice, are good. Overall good experience, the treatment was good and very helpful staff. We are really pleased with the services.
Extraordinary intelligent Doctor with human values. I special thanks to Dr. Trinath sir & Swetha madam.”

Afreen Naaz

“Patient Name Jayansh Sai
Aarka Hospitals was Very Good Hospital.
Doctors are very well treated; sisters were really compassionate; interacting with my son was caring; good behavior; upkeep was good.”


“Patient Swathi Aarka Hospital Facilities are Excellent.” When we arrived at the hospital, the environment was excellent. The ICU sisters, Jyothi and Adilakshmi, treated my daughter as if she were their own mother. Doctors Nandakishore and Adilakshmi provided excellent care, and my baby was cured. Thank you, Aarka Hospital, for providing excellent facilities.”

Chinna Chinna

“Patient Name Nagesh
Services are Good.
Doctor explained well about prblm, sisters treatment medication was good, caring good maintenance, cleaning good.”

Chenna Kesavul Chena Bhai