Emergency, And Trauma care-Aarka Hospitals

About Emergency and Trauma Care

Emergency and trauma services are related to critically ill, unscheduled patients who require immediate care and medical treatment. It involves spontaneous decision-making and carrying out actions that are pivotal to preventing further degeneration of the patient’s condition. An emergency physician is responsible for providing immediate acknowledgement, evaluating, and stabilising adult and paediatric patients. The EP is supported by a team of clinicians, surgeons, and nurses well trained to work under high stress and in time-sensitive situations.

The Aarka of Emergency, Trauma Services, and Critical Care Management is a Level 3 tertiary comprehensive trauma service equipped to deal with every type of critical and urgent life-threatening condition. Aarka hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for a wide spectrum of patients with acute emergencies for initial evaluation, resuscitation, treatment, investigation, stabilisation, monitoring, and disposition. Working around the clock, our physicians have access to highly advanced and accurate laboratory and radiology tests. When unforeseen circumstances appear before a person that call for immediate action, it’s called an emergency. A medical emergency could be an accident, cardiac arrest, stroke, heart attack, etc. An outbreak of diseases such as cholera, swine flu, and dengue can also lead to medical emergencies. These emergencies are life-threatening and require immediate critical care by medical professionals.
In medical terms, trauma means a serious or life-threatening accident or injury to an individual resulting in broken bones, wounds, or damage to the internal organs of the person or persons.
Traumatic injuries are caused by injuries to the body from an external force, which can be blunt or penetrating. Blunt trauma includes falls, road traffic crash injuries, assaults like kicking, and burns. Penetrating trauma includes shooting, stabbing, impalement, and severe internal injuries to a person. Major trauma causes prolonged disability or death.